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Игровые аксессуары для ПК и консолей
Игровые кресла
Рюкзаки, сумки, чехлы, багаж
Наушники и гарнитуры
Компьютерные и офисные аксессуары
Пульты ДУ универсальные
Антенны DVB-T2 для ТВ
Калибраторы и Цветовые справочники
Сканеры планшетные
Сканеры медицинские


GRAFITEC is a Moscow-based distributor of computer gaming accessories, bags, headphones, high performance audio, scanners and color management solutions in the Russian Federation and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

GRAFITEC sales, warehouse and logistic facilities are located in Moscow. The firm`s management team consists of business and technology professionals with solid industry experience and a strong reputation among its peers and business partners worldwide.

Product Lines
  • Gaming devices (Razer, Marvo, Rapoo, Speedlink)
  • Gaming chairs (DXRacer, Vertagear, Marvo, Speedlink)
  • Computer accessories (Rapoo, Speedlink)
  • Headphones and Headsets (Monster Products, Razer, Marvo, Speedlink)
  • Audio systems and HiFi audio (Monster Products)
  • Remote controls (One For All)
  • Antennas (One For All)
  • Wall Mounts (One For All)
  • Cables & Network Components (Monster Products, Prolink)
  • Surge Protectors (Monster Products)
  • Bags (Crumpler, Case Logic, Thule)
  • Smart Robots, Robotics Kit (UBTech)
  • Color management solutions (X-Rite, Pantone, Munsell, DataColor, RAL, Kodak, Douglas, Color Confidence, QP)
  • Scanners (Microtek)
GRAFITEC product strategy includes both a widening of the portfolio within existing product categories, as well as establishing long-term business relationships with leading manufacturers and the distribution of new types of products.

Customer Base
GRAFITEC delivers products through an extensive network of computer resellers and online stores in all regions of the Russian Federation and countries of the CIS: MVideo, Eldorado, Media Markt, DNS, KEY, Euroset, Svyaznoy, MTS, OzonWildberries, Onlinetrade, Aliexpress, Komus, Tsum, Wildberries, Dufry, Audiomania, 4frag, 220-volt, Doctorhead et al.

External and Internal Logistics
  • Reliable transportation for large product shipments from Western Europe, North America and Asia
  • Long-term relationship with national and international freight companies
  • Consolidation of logistic facilities in Germany and Finland
  • Automated 17,000 sq. ft. warehouses in Moscow
  • Effective ERP financial management and supply-chain information system
  • Product delivery to customers within 24 hours (in certain locations)

Web-sites were developed and supported by GRAFITEC:

Distributorskaya Compania Grafitec LLC (GRAFITEC)
16/3 Dokukina str., Moscow, Russia 129226
Phone: +7 495 785-28-51
E-mail: a.podmarkov@grafitec.ru
Web-site: www.grafitec.ru



Дистрибуторская компания Графитек ООО
129226, Россия, г.Москва,
ул.Докукина, д.16, стр.3
, эт.4
время работы: Пн-Пт 10:00-18:30
Тел: +7 (495) 785-28-51

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